So, during the week we get busy. We get tired. We are ready for bed (and by “we” I obvioulsy mean us Mamas and not our sweet sweet offspring).

Basically, I’ve done away with TV during the week. I did this for lots of reasons. For one, my kids would take a mile when I gave them an inch. At the end of one show, they’d begin to act like addicts and beg me for another. I was done with that. So, Friday nights are for family movies now!

A long time ago, we started eating pizza on Friday nights. I’m not really sure when this happened, or why. When I was a kid, my uncle would get Pizza City and we would eat it together almost every weekend. I always loved it. So now, we get pizza too. Sometimes, just us and sometimes with grandparents or other friends and family. It’s a treat we all look forward to! Pizza and a movie for Friday Night Fun Night.

While many many times we resort to ordering from Abruzzo’s Pizza, a local family owned eatery with AMAZING pizza. But, there truly isn’t anything better homemade, than homemade pizza. Seriously.

I could tell you I am a Susie Homemaker and I obviously have my own recipe in which I stand over and wait for the dough to rise just perfectly and well….. yea right.

But, Pinterest is a fabulous thing full of so many perfect, tried and true recipes that don’t really need me to tweak them.

We use a bread machine that I inherited from my husband’s grandma. I eyeballed it for years, just sitting there waiting to be used. And then, one sweet day, I asked her if I could take it home with me and she said yes!! It’s quite old, but it still works like new! I’ve heard you can often find them at the thrift store too, but Amazon has a plethora!

I LOVE making (and really just smelling) homemade bread in the bread maker! It’s so simple. Just put the ingredients in and push the button! How wonderful!!

For the pizza dough, I have tried a lot. I mean I could never remember which recipe I used last time, so I would search Pinterest all over again each time. But, the one I use now made an impression and it’s my go to. You can find it over here at Queen Bee Coupons.

This sauce is so super flexible. It’s just a few ingredients. You pop them in your food processor and viola! (PS: I LOVE my food processor. It literally does everything. It chops vegetables, makes purees, soups, sauces, and I’ve even made chicken salad in it!)

We so enjoy making the crust and the sauce together (I usually do the crust with one kid and the sauce with another), but I totally won’t judge if you just grab a jar of pizza sauce and a pre-made crust from the store. *This place is a judgement free zone. We are all just trying to live a better life in this crazy world.*



The best part is the toppings! We do different toppings each time around. I usually pull out one of my super nifty veggie tray from the one and only Dollar Tree. I can put all of the options out in one dish. One dish = less clean up!

The kids love the independence of being able to build their own pizza! We simply divide our crust into four pizzas. The recipe I linked to above pretty well divides into four pizzas. Once my LO gets a little older, I’ll need to up that recipe a bit. I’ve considered making them ahead of time and freezing, but I haven’t tried it. Leave a comment below if you have! I’ll update you once I do it!


My sweet 7 year old girl decided to make hers into the shape of a heart. I just love to see her creativity come out in all sorts of ways. 

The point here is to spend time together. We build our pizzas and watch them bubble on our awesome pizza stone (SIDE NOTE: You absolutely need one of these if you don’t already have one! You can cook perfect pizzas, fries, toast… even cookies! We have also used ours on the grill!) We eat them together while we watch whatever movie we can find on Netflix or Amazon Prime . Lately, we’ve been pulling up old Disney movies from our childhood, which is super fun for me 🙂

My son has been asking to play his new version of Monopoly called “Realtreeopoly,” so we will likely forfiet the movie sometime soon and play games. My kids are just getting old enough to enjoy board games so we will be modifying our Family Fun Night soon to include lots of games!



So, what do you all do for your own Friday Night Fun Night?? Share with me below! I’d love to see your ideas!

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