COVID-19 has drastically changed everything in life pretty rapidly.

You probably fall into one of two categories: Either you are working remotely or you’ve been laid off.

If you have kids, we are ALL in the same category: We are suddenly homeschooling our kids.


From the social media posts I’ve seen, there are lots of different reactions to this sudden change…

But honestly, I’ve seen mostly positivity. Whether it’s a funny meme about how hard it is to homeschool children or an encouraging scripture, scrolling social media during this situation has actually been a good experience for me. 

While we are required to keep 6 feet of social distancing, social media is actually bringing us together. 

 And families are growing closer than ever before!

God is doing a mighty work. 

He has removed distractions. 

He has eliminated unnecessary busyness.

He has forced families to work together, learn together, exercise together, worship together and actually do life together. 

I, for one, think that it is just great. Is a deadly, highly contagious virus that is spreading rampantly throughout my county, state, country and the world scary? Yes. Am I always on the lookout for a silver lining? Absolutely. 


But man oh man… HOW do we quickly shift to this new way of living?

As a business owner over at JumpGlass Creative for the past five years, I’ve been working from home and building a business, while raising three tiny humans.


While having all three home all day and teaching them is a new adventure, the multi-tasking of raising kids while business building is not a new concept to me. Here are a few tips from my experience:

Get Ready. 

Guys, you have to get dressed. Productivity just plummets if you stay in your PJs all day. Getting dressed every day trains your brain that you have a purpose. You’ve got a job to do and you need to be ready. 

Do you need to put on your best heels and a full face of make up?? Nope. But taking a shower, putting on eyeliner and real pants can work wonders. 

It also helps your kids to get into school mode. If they stay in their PJs, it feels like Saturday morning. 


Make a Schedule.

Time blocking is my new favorite. But a schedule is always necessary. If you don’t have a plan for the day, suddenly the day will be over and you will not know what happened!

Also, kids who are usually at school are used to a strict schedule. If you create one and post it, they will want to follow it. 

Don’t be too crazy with it. Leave time for outside play, free time for creativity to blossom, and even designate blocks of time for activities like play doh or crafts. 

Tidy up.

My goodness, it’s soooooo hard to focus when there are dishes piled on the counter or a mountain of laundry right next to you. Is my house always spotless? Absolutely not. But each morning, I spend a few minutes (with the kids) tidying up. Load the dishwasher. At minimum close the unfolded laundry behind a door. Wipe down the counters and pick up the mess.

We leave space during the day in transitions to pick up as we go. It really helps to keep us relaxed and focused. 

Use Tools.

I really enjoy Trello both for business and for personal organization. My husband shares boards with me and we plan everything from bills to future home renovation projects. I’m going to start using it to organize homeschooling as we get further into this new journey. 

Google Calendar helps me to stay on track and on the same page with my husband and also with my clients. 

There are TONS of resources online to help us navigate these uncharted waters. I’ll be compiling more lists and posting them as we go, so keep an eye out. I’ll link them here later on as well. 

Be Flexible.

It’s NOT going to be PERFECT.

It’s going to be a mess at first.

Just know, if you’ve been working in an office…. working remotely will not look the same. You won’t be sitting at your computer working for 8 hours straight, uninterrupted. 

If you’ve never had your kids at home with you, oh it’s going to be different. 

Make sure you aren’t trying to do everything all the time. You can’t work and teach 2-3 kids different grade levels all at the same time. Create space to teach. Then send them to do independent work and plan to work for 20 minutes… then do it again. And again. And again. 

Oh and you’ll have to stop to feed people WAY too often. 

But give yourself grace and know that it will get better. You’ll get into a groove. 

Whatever you do, though, don’t forget to stop. Stop striving so hard. They’ll learn. You’ll get the work done. But don’t let this be stressful. Enjoy it. Once this is over, you may not have the opportunity to sit and help your kids learn like this again. Make eye contact. Explain stuff to them. Take them outside and teach them about what they see and take time to answer their silly questions. Investing in our kids during this time may be the very best thing that we ever do. 

And don’t forget…. we are all TOGETHER. You aren’t the only one working and teaching at home. We are all living it. Let’s support one another in every way that we can…


Share with me! What are some of your tips for getting it all done with joy in your heart? 



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