What does it mean to live while I wait?

We are all waiting for something. Whether you are waiting to hear about a job interview, waiting for the military to give new orders, waiting for better weather, waiting for an upcoming visit from a loved one, waiting for a tough season to be over…. Everyone is just waiting.

It’s very easy to stop everything and fixate on the much anticipated upcoming thing. But when we do that, we miss the now. 

Here, we are learning to live in the season we are in now. Live in the present, while looking forward and living into the future. 

My husband says that I am “Jesus Happy.” My faith and status as a God Girl helps me to live now and be patient in the waiting.

Every day, I wake up as a God Girl first, a Wife to my high school sweetheart (& the military), a Mama to 3 beautiful blessings, and an Entrepreneur. All of these titles help me to continue moving forward and never get stuck in the waiting. 

This blog is all about how my relationship with Jesus, my life as a wife & mama, my love for good food & travel all play a role in helping me to be joyful & to keep on living while I wait. 

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